Breakthrough 7-Figures and Enjoy the Hell Out of the Process

Join an exclusive business and marketing program for Visionary Entrepreneurs that want to scale their business at lightning-fast pace, while building a network of fellow ambitious, Visionary Entrepreneurs.

What does E.L.F.® mean?

It’s NOT how you’re doing business today – but you’ll change that quickly when you join our program.

E.L.F. stands for EasyLucrative, and Fun. It’s the way that Joe Polish, Genius Network, and the hundreds of Visionary Entrepreneurs like you are operating their business and life today.

Most Visionaries fall into the trap that Entrepreneurship is full of overwhelm, burnout and loneliness. That’s what we call H.A.L.F.  (HardAnnoyingLame and Frustrating).

Sometimes the “L” in H.A.L.F. can stand for Lucrative, but is it really worth it if it’s still Hard, Annoying and Frustrating?

Nope. You’ve got yourself a HALF-ass business and a HALF-ass life.

The most successful Entrepreneurs operate differently. And that style of operating bleeds into their business, their health, their relationships and their wealth.

They Created an E.L.F. Business and Life...

Dean Higa

For years I’ve been a big fan of Joe Polish so I joined the ELF Program to help me learn and implement many great strategies, not just for marketing but for my overall personal success as well. One of my favorite attributes of this group is the attitude of giving that this organization personifies. The overdelivering and the like-minded people this group attracts have provided value beyond my expectations. I am in the Real Estate business where industry specific education is overwhelming, so I find that the diversity of businesses in this group helps me gain competitive advantages in the Real Estate space.

Russ Hanush


They laughed when I joined E.L.F. Coaching, but when they saw my growth!… After just getting by with my tutoring business for 14 years, I decided it was time to kick it into high gear. The value I get from the E.L.F. Coaching group is astronomical. All of the Members contribute and support each other…. I’ve wildly accelerated my growth toward my goal of becoming a Genius Network Member!

Now, Let’s Create Your E.L.F. Business and Life

In the E.L.F. Business Program, we work together to grow your business with more ease, strategically increase your earning potential, and give you the tools and support to ensure all of your effort gives you a life you actually enjoy.

The E.L.F. Program is shaking up the Entrepreneurship way of life.

Here’s how the program shakes out.

When you join the E.L.F. Business Program, you get instant access to an on-demand library of the best content from the private library of Joe Polish and Genius Network® (that’s decades of the best advice in business, health, marketing, wealth, and more).  That’s just to get your feet wet on day one.

Each month, we unlock specific, curated content, tools and a members-only live session.

Here’s a Sneak Peak 👀

E.L.F. Your Business

You’ll quickly learn tactics to bring more ease into your operations and discover important strategies to make a major revenue pivot for the better.

We start here because creating momentum is much harder than maintaining momentum.

Consider this the reviving your engine stage before we peel out into profits 🏎

Three Keys to Attract the RIGHT-FIT Clients

We don’t teach copy-and-paste marketing because that strategy doesn’t work. We’ll look beyond your circle of influence to identify customers that are pre-interested, predisposed and prequalified for what you offer, and have them coming to you.

Automate Time-Management Marketing

E.L.F. marketing requires a diversified group of systems that automatically deliver ideal prospects predictably and dependably in a way that doesn’t require active manual labor on your part.

Implement your Customer Conversion System

You’ll create a personal sales and marketing system using the tactics we share for packaging your products and services, making powerful offers, and taking away customer objections.

Creating a Happy Client Experience

The most lucrative business you can have is a relationship business. Developing repeat customers, turning them into loyal (and referring!) clients. The foundation of that is through our Happy Client Experience model.

Get Referrals consistently

We are designing your business to be worthy of receiving referrals. Once that’s set, we go through a 5-step process for getting referrals. This is the quickest way to increase your business. It’s not uncommon to double or even triple your business just by implementing this system. 


Dougie Mispeka


I have been in the elf group for 5 months now and I can say a lot has changed for me. My focus is sharpened, my accountability to ELF is second to none, It’s like being in a room full of coaches with life experiences. I brain dump every day, I am journaling every morning, I debrief my thoughts before going to bed every night which sometimes is so exhausting. I have never done these before. So much life change. I joined because I needed to learn about Marketing but I have received a lot more. The value is overwhelming. P.S. That’s only 5 months. I wonder how much better I will be in 12 months?

Joshua Gold


You have put together a great group of people. I love the combination of bantering and innovation and guidance all rolled up onto one. It’s important not to take ourselves too seriously. I appreciate all that you give.

You might be wondering how the E.L.F. we got here…

A note from Joe Polish (founder of Genius Network® and the E.L.F. model)

I know a Visionary Entrepreneur when I see one. That’s because I am one. I’m well aware of the thrill and the pain that comes with this lifestyle.

It’s hard work, and hard work doesn’t equate wealth. That’s the most common misconception I hear.

People confuse success with money or being a hard worker. However, do not confuse activity with accomplishment. You want to accomplish a specific result by leveraging your efforts to increase your productivity.

Those two words are the center of every E.L.F. strategy that we share in our program: productivity and leverage.

Productivity: achieving maximum results with the least amount of time.

Leverage: the maximum result with the least amount of effort.

The whole concept of the E.L.F. program focuses on maximizing your productivity and maximizing your leverage so you can have an Easy, Lucrative and fun business no matter who you are, where you are, what business you’re in, or what’s going on around you.

You don’t have to subscribe to the school of Hard Knocks to build the business and life you want. It does NOT have to be hard to prove yourself as a successful Visionary Entrepreneur.

Regardless of your present situation, regardless of the economy, and regardless of your past, you can make a lot more money in your business, and you can do it easily and quickly. You can do it now, and you can do it right where you are today.

Back when I was a dead broke carpet cleaner, I was doing everything I thought was right, and yet I still wasn’t making any money. Not to mention, I was up to my eyeballs in debt and grueling work.

My mind had become set on the idea that I was in the wrong industry and that was why I wasn’t making any money.

Then, I got the best piece of advice I have ever received. This one statement shifted everything for me.

A successful investor asked me, “Is there anyone else in your industry who makes what you consider to be a large amount of money?”

It was an easy answer: yes. There were several carpet cleaners in my area that were doing well over a million each year.

That’s when the investor gave me the lesson of a lifetime: “The problem is not the business, it’s you.” 

It wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but it is what I needed to hear. I realized that I was the problem, but I was also the solution. 

This is when I started investing in my personal development. I dedicated myself to learning as much as I could about how to be successful.

You can make the same decision today. You can succeed starting today, and your bigger, better future starts with you.

Make it E.L.F.

– Joe

Are you ready for E.L.F.?

Just because “Easy” is in our name doesn’t mean there won’t be work to do. The E.L.F. Business Program isn’t for every Entrepreneur. Let’s see if you’re a right fit.



Everything You Need to Make Your Business and Life More E.L.F.

Each month, you’ll get new resources, tools, and live sessions that accelerate the wins in your business, give you more space in other areas of your life, and challenge you to think bigger. Each month, your membership is updated with…

LIVE Sessions with Joe Polish and our team of experts

Each month, Joe Polish goes LIVE with his popular I Love Marketing Meetups. He brings on special guests from his exclusive connections and curates the content to give you both timeless and timely strategies to improve your business. As an E.L.F. member, you get private access to the Hot Seats, where Joe and special guests will work with a member to troubleshoot their specific business challenges.

On-Demand Training and Implementation Tools

Genius Network is well-known for its 10-minute Talks and Tools. These programs have the power to produce $250,000 ideas for your business. Every month, the Genius Network team curates a set of training and tools from these programs to increase your productivity and leverage in your industry. (AKA, maximum results!)

Private Newsletter from Joe Polish

Every month, Joe writes a letter exclusively for Genius Network and E.L.F. members. This letter is like a $25,000 consultation with Joe. The letter is delivered to your home and be careful when opening, the contents are known to create massive breakthroughs.

Pick Your E.L.F. Program

There are 2 options to join E.L.F. Find the one that fits your lifestyle best.

E.L.F. Business Program Pay as you go

Total Value: $19,253

E.L.F. Business Program Annual savings

Total Value: $20,151

Try E.L.F. Business Program with 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that this program will help you increase profits and deliver the results that we’re promising, we’ll back it up with this powerful guarantee. You have nothing to lose. Join us in the E.L.F. Business program for the first month with no risk. If anytime in the first month of membership you decide the program is not for you – for any reason at all – let us know and you’ll get a full refund for that month. You either quickly move down the path to an Easy, Lucrative, and Fun business, or you can cancel and get your money back during the first month…no questions asked.




The Mastermind Secrets to Building An E.L.F. Business

A digital course with Chris Voss, Robert Cialdini, and Joe Polish (value $997)

You’ll get instant access to this three-part training series that the lucky few who were in the sessions said was worth their $25,000 Genius Network membership. Here’s what you can expect from each session:

Session 1: The Top 10 Negotiating Phrases and When To Use Them – Chris Voss

This session will equip you with the red flags (and the yellow flags) to look out for when you’re negotiating. After this session you’ll be equipped to negotiate for anything you want in business and life.

Session 2: How to Maximize the 7 Universal Principles of Influence – Robert Cialdini

Learn to harness the power of influence (way better than any “influencer” ever could) from the “godfather of influence,” himself. After this session you’ll have the power to influence and persuade your employees, audience, buyers, and clients to ensure everyone is working together to create maximum results.

Session 3: Treat Yourself Like a Million Dollar Racehorse – Joe Polish

Taking care of a business, with employees who all (like you) have families that depend on them, is exhausting. In this lesson, you’ll learn from Joe Polish (an Entrepreneur for the last 30+ years, having built multiple multi-million dollar businesses) what it truly means to take care of yourself. Visionary Entrepreneurs like you are often stretched thin with too many ideas, too much to do, and a heavy burden of responsibility you carry like a cloak each day. Joe will show you how to prioritize your needs to align with your vision.


Accelerate with A.I.

An E.L.F. special program on utilizing Artificial Intelligence to help you achieve E.L.F. faster! (value $997)

A.I. isn’t a trend. It’s here to stay, and as a Visionary Entrepreneur you’ve likely already started embracing the A.I. tools available today to start getting things done faster and more economically. 

But A.I. used untrained is playing in the Minor Leagues. It’s time to level-up with the Entrepreneurs that are on the ground floor with A.I., ready to teach you how, when and why you should use A.I. to get the results you want. (How good is this training?? Everyone in the room paid $100,000 to be there).

Session 1: What A.I. Can NOT Do and How to Use that To Your Advantage – Clay Herbert

A.I. knows a lot about the heart, but still struggles to write compelling copy with it. In this session, brand expert Clay Herbert gives a personalized verb-noun formula that helps you write spell-binding copy that can be used to polish up your A.I. outputs. Learn to embrace the good and avoid the dangers of today’s marketing landscape from A.I., social media and brand partnerships. 

Session 2: The ChatGPT Revolution – Lior Weinstein and Joe Polish

The latest in A.I. is giving you an oracle, a genie and a personal assistant at your fingertips. Learn to use A.I. from an early adopter to become more productive, outsource more and build better relationships. You’ll also learn the most important steps to take to protect yourself from potential security risks that come with using A.I. 

Session 3: AI in Everything, Everywhere, All at Once – Sam Woods

Productivity increasing in spades ✅ – but how about unleashing a creativity you didn’t even know who had? In this session you’ll go on an A.I. rollercoaster with Sam Woods (who built and sold a $28 million marketing agency). Sam shows you how to become a better communicator with A.I. tools so that you can truly unlock the power of A.I. for imagery, research, voice, understanding your market avatars, and how to use all of this to translate in your marketing message to create better conversions than you’ve ever had.

Get these 2 Bonuses Valued at $1,994 for FREE today!

Why is E.L.F. better than any other Marketing and Business Program?

Frequently Asked Questions

The E.L.F. program is designed for Entrepreneurs seeking tried-and-true marketing strategies that will accelerate their business success. The E.L.F. Entrepreneurs know that with the accelerated growth of their business, they will experience a more balanced lifestyle. They want to set their business up so they can invest equally in their health and relationships. The E.L.F. Entrepreneurs take great pride in the people they choose to surround themself with, and that’s a community of fellow visionaries ready to help each other live a life that is Easy, Lucrative and Fun.

If you’re not willing to push yourself and push others then E.L.F. isn’t for you. If you ARE committed to trying a NEW way of building your business, working to implement the strategies, accept the coaching and support provided, then your time to enroll is now.

Nope. Let us explain. While Joe strives to be the host of every live session, sometimes there are overlaps with his other programs (Genius Network and the 100K Group). When Joe isn’t going to make a live session, he ensures there is an incredible teacher in his place. You can expect drop-ins from his Genius Network members and friends to teach you things like email marketing, direct mail, franchising experts, A.I. experts, Wealth experts, and more.

What we value the most is your T.A.M.E.E. (Time, Attention, Money, Effort and Energy). And we also teach you how to value your T.A.M.E.E. above all else. The E.L.F. program does require a commitment in all of these areas to get the most out of it. We recommend that you dedicate a minimum of 2 hours each week to the program. If you can’t attend the live session that month, it’s okay. That’s where we have the replays quickly available in your member’s area.

Sure is. If you don’t experience value from E.L.F. or decide that it’s the right time for you, you can let us know within your first 30 days as a member and we will refund your investment. No questions asked.

But here’s the thing – we always subscribe to a ROI for our clients. That means you will experience a Return on E.L.F. The strategies, tools, and coaching you get with E.L.F. will result in profits that at least double or triple your investment. And we are willing to work with you however we can to get you there.

Maybe! During the “Hot Seats” Joe and his guests will work directly with an E.L.F. Member to devise a unique strategy around the problem or opportunity they present.

Not for E.L.F. There is a minimum income requirement to join our other programs, like Genius Network. For E.L.F. we recommend that you are operating a 6-figure business and you have the resources available to invest in E.L.F.

Pick Your E.L.F. Program

There are 2 options to join E.L.F. Find the one that fits your lifestyle best.

E.L.F. Business Program Pay as you go

Total Value: $19,253

E.L.F. Business Program Annual savings

Total Value: $20,151
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