How to Easily Implement 3 Proven Strategies to add $1 mil+ a Year to Your Bottom-line...
(The "E.L.F." Business Blueprint Workshop [Easy, Lucrative and Fun])


Specifically on this webinar training you’ll discover:

  • The top 3 strategies companies that grow and scale use (and you can use too) to add $1 million+ to their businesses.
  • How to use a one-page marketing plan blueprint to increase your revenue and profitability - while attracting more of your ideal ‘right-fit’ (and high-paying) clients.
  • How to setup and structure a marketing calendar that systematically and predictably helps you generate more leads, sales, and profits.
  • The #1 Method to avoid falling backwards, position yourself as an expert and generate more predictable leads, sales, and profits (this one method completed changed Joe Polish’s struggling carpet cleaning business and today he’s gone from failure to HUGE success as he leads a group of 15 people in his $100K per person Group (also called GeniusX) and about 230 people in his $25K per person Group (also called Genius Network).
  • And more...

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How Do I Know This Is For Me Right Now?

  • If you’re a business owner looking for a way to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • If you’re looking for a non-hypey way to convert more sales
  • If you’re looking to move from one-to-one selling to a one-to-many sales model
  • If you’re looking to have more qualified potential clients
  • If your marketing dollars aren’t creating the same profits as 18 months ago
  • If you’re worried about being commoditized by changes in your industry
  • If you’re spending too much time IN your business versus ON it
  • If you’re tired of your open rates, click rates and sales conversion rates falling
  • If you’re worried about your advertising costs skyrocketing (it’s becoming more costly to make the same amount of money)
  • If you’re looking to get the unfair advantage and dominate your market
  • If you’re not yet generating at least $2 million per year in profits
  • AND, you’re looking to implement and execute more of YOUR Ideas - starting today